Legal Help in Your Benefits Toolkit

Updated: Mar 9

Did you know that nearly twelve million Canadians will experience at least one legal problem in a given three-year period? Seven million of these problems will be in family law: annual averages indicate that approximately 40% of marriages end in divorce.

Legal problems tend to lead to additional problems: deteriorating health from stress and worry, anxiety and panic affecting an individual’s ability to function on a daily basis, financial difficulties, and strain on relationships, to name a few. And where financial constraints make traditional legal services unaffordable, it is extraordinarily difficult for an individual without prior knowledge of legal language and procedures to self-represent and be successful, as many SRLs will attest.

Where does this leave the average person?

You should not have to worry about what you might have to pay if you ask a professional for legal advice. One option to consider is My Friendly Lawyer, a benefit package that can be added to your employee benefits.

Education and knowledge are the keys to success in the legal world – so what if you don’t have to do the research all on your own?