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Let's Talk...

With today being #BellLetsTalk day we thought we should talk.

On a daily, Canadians are faced with some sort of legal issue - some big and these are obvious but some are very minute and often go unrecognized. Little things like you want to change your cell phone contract or you weren't happy with the service you received from a contractor that came into your home or maybe something has come up at work that doesn't sit right. We as Canadians have a tendency to just move on. To deal with these things could potentially have a monetary cost as well as possibly creating more work in our already busy schedules. There are always bigger fish to fry however, the build up of all these little issues can start to weigh down on our psyche. It's that heavy feeling that keeps us up at night - you know the nights where your brain won't shut down and you have a million things filtering through at one time. This in turn leads to an exhausting day when you get out of bed in the morning.

There are many components that can contribute to overall good mental health - relationships and connections, stress management and a good sense of knowing who you truly are. Our service will allow you the ability to foster a relationship with our lawyers. You can speak with them on your schedule, whenever you need you peace of mind.

If you can start to check boxes and have resources at your fingertips to help manage situations as they arrive, doesn't this seem like the sensible thing to do? Stop problems in their tracks rather than letting them lease space in your head.

You have a Doctor you can call when you have a health concern, why not have a lawyer to answer your queries when have them. The more options you have could never be a bad thing.

"Canada has one of the best legal systems in the world: independent judges, well-trained lawyers, predictable laws, and a open court process. Unfortunately, most Canadians cannot afford to use it"( So lets fix that! If you have a question call and ask - maybe what's keeping you up turns out not to be a big problem after all. Or talking to a lawyer about it proves that it is a problem and they can help to mitigate it before it grows.

"Mental Health is a state of well-being, and we all have it. Just like we each have a state of physical health, we also each have our mental health to look after. It's not just about surviving, its about thriving"(

So let's thrive! Load your contact list with services and people that will work with you and help you when you need it.

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