What's our story?

WHO ARE WE? This is something we are asked often. People assume that we are a group of lawyers running this service ourselves but the reality is we have an entire network of people behind us trying to bring our vision to life.

I am not a lawyer, My Friendly Lawyer staff are not lawyers. We have garnered relationships with amazing people that diligently work to bring our ideas to life. They are the lawyers, call center employees, partner relationships that we have joined together with in an effort to make our ideas a reality.

Everyone knows somebody that could have benefitted from the advice of a lawyer at some point in their life. Not every inquiry needs to be a big question - sometimes things can be as simple as concerns about your Will or an employment contract you are being asked to sign at your job. We all have questions that we can ask however, you would never actually call your lawyer to ask - mainly for 2 reasons. (1) It's too small of an issue to take up their time with and (2) You would be charged (usually in 6 minute increments) for your call.

The idea we wanted to bring to life was that we envisioned our service to be something that was accessible and affordable to everyone. There would be no fees charged by the minute, no time caps on how long you could speak with a lawyer and no restrictions on what you could talk about.