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My Friendly Lawyer

Legal Advice without breaking the bank

A legal line for individuals, families and businesses to talk directly to experienced, vetted lawyers.

Service offered in French and English.

Did you know?

​On average it costs $6,000 to resolve a legal issue. ​​​Almost 3X's as much as Canadians spend on out of pocket health care ($2,285).

Neglecting a legal issue affects one's mental and physical health.  Often increasing stress and anxiety that can impact their work and life in general.

Everyday Legal Problems and the Cost of Justice in Canada: Overview Report:

As a realtor, it's a tremendous asset for me to have legal advice at the tip of my fingertips to better advise my clients as well as help myself with wording for complex deals. I was pleasantly surprised at not only the quick response time, but also the informative and in-depth advice I received...

—  Beth Lindsay

I am a happy My Friendly Lawyer customer. I run a small business and have rental property so this service is perfect for my needs. Their team is helpful and responsive and you can't beat the price. Plus the peace of mind they give me is priceless!

—  Jennifer Barker

I've been a My Friendly Lawyer customer since 2020, and the service has already saved me thousands in legal fees. I highly recommend!

—  Gavin Mosley

Great experience and very helpful!! I would recommend to any business or family.

—  Paul Huffman

Love this service! As a small business owner its great to get legal advice when you need it! Highly recommend.

—  Laukik Patil

What People Are Saying

Legal Assistance Hotline
  • 24/7x365

  • Calls not limited in duration

  • No limit on number of calls

  • Advice is summary legal advice providing general information and direction in relation to your legal matter.

  • 25% discount if you require legal representation beyond our service

Identity Theft Assistance

  • A Certified Identity Theft Restoration Consultant will be assigned at no charge, to assist and guide you in resolving the issue

6 page Legal Document Review

  • Supplier/customer contracts

  • Warranties

  • Landlord/tenant agreement

  • Employment agreements

  • NDA's

  • and more...

Simple Legal Letters

  • Travel Consent Letter

  • Demand Letter

  • and more....

What’s included:

How it Works

You will be assigned a toll free number.


Call the legal line, speak with a customer service representative who will connect you with an experienced lawyer that deals with your issue at hand.


The lawyer will call you at your requested scheduled time for a 1 on 1 legal discussion


Talk to a lawyer whenever you need.

Only $59.99/year

We have the solution

Save yourself the stress, anxiety, time and money - speak with a lawyer before making a life or business decision!

  • Call anytime (24/7x365)

  • Review a contract with a lawyer

  • Have you been a victim of identity theft?   Work with a Certified Identity Theft Restoration Consultant will be assigned at no charge, to assist and guide you in resolving the issue.

  • Need a demand letter?

  • Need more legal help?  Sign up with us and we will provide you with  a 25% discount off of our vetted experienced lawyers hourly rate.

Working Cafe


1-year subscription

About Us

My Friendly Lawyer started as an Insurance Brokerage offering full legal insurance as a product among other insurance products. In 2019 we changed focus to help those that need access to justice.

In 2019 we went on a mission to understand the costs and complexities of the justice system.  We wanted to do our part to help those that need justice attain it.

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