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We all have daily worries and stressors, obstacles that we need to overcome...but what are the things that you lose sleep over? Or things that bring the rest of your day to a halt because you can't seem to get them out of your head.

I can tell you one thing for me was deciding to start this blog. I am not a writer and was worried about what people would think about my style of writing and what I had to say. All kidding aside, I definitely have faced bigger concerns in the past year that have nothing to do with writing a blog;)

We have seen friends that have lost their jobs, others that have had to change their entire business model in order to avoid having to shut their business down completely. We have friends that have started up side hustles while they have been at home and are slowly turning them into full time gigs. This past year has been a major year of change. Sometimes all it takes is that extra push that forces us to think outside of the box or rethink what we are currently doing.

The one thing that has been consistent and I think always will be is the need for support. In all facets of life, it's hard to get by solely on your own. What My Friendly Lawyer offers is #legalsupport to individuals, families, entrepreneurs and small business owners. There are so many questions that come up relating to any of the above and I am willing to bet that most of us just try to #google the answer - that was always my go-to before we started up this service.

My Friendly Lawyer is not an idea that just happened over night. We had many conversations with our lawyers, accountants, suppliers and through all of this we learned just how expensive it actually is to get advice and support from the professionals that we needed. The irony of all of this is that we were trying to start a business that offered these services at an affordable rate...if only we existed earlier (LOL).

Our legal line can be used for any type of legal concern - personal, business or you just want to know if what you are bothered by is even a legal issue. We have tried to put together a team of amazing people that are happy to answer your questions when YOU have time and not the other way around. Customer service is number one on our list of priorities and we aim to have everyone that uses our service hang up the phone as a satisfied customer.

We have business owners that have used our service and claim that the line virtually paid for itself with the first phone call alone. The first few months into COVID, there was a spike in calls around employment issues from both business owners as well as individuals concerned about their rights as employees. We have lawyers that specialize in all areas of the law - from Family to Corporate - no question is off limits.

Let us be that extra level of support that you need in your life - its not a decision that you will regret:)

Until next time...

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