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My Friendly Lawyer

Stop Legal Worries in their Tracks

If you were given the option to spend more time relaxing and taking in the view OR stressing about a problem...any problem, what would you choose?

I don't know about you but I am definitely for the chill.

Research shows that almost half of Canadians over 18 will experience at least one civil or family justice problem over any given 3 year period. With this knowledge in hand do you not think it a good idea to properly protect yourself. We purchase insurance for our cars and our homes as a way to minimize future worries. Should anything happen, we can sleep easier because we know we are protected. Why wouldn't you do the same with your legal worries?

My Friendly Lawyer has been able to unbundle services to come up with a way to make legal help available for a price that doesn't cause everyone to gasp when they hear it. Legal problems aren't always big ticket items that most of us think of immediately. These issues could be things as simple as a disagreement with your cell phone company over your contract or your neighbor wants to install a pool and needs to come through your yard - do you have to allow this? These are little things that we just mutter through but in reality we could have the advice of a lawyer to ensure that everything we have done is correct and in our best interest.

Small issues like the above examples are also the problems that you would likely never want to call your lawyer about as you know that you will be billed for questioning. When most people think of calling their lawyer it's for a big ticket problem and they are in NEED of a lawyer to fix it. How great would it be to have a lawyer that you can call for the small stuff without having to worry about a hefty bill at the end.

This is exactly the service that My Friendly Lawyer provides to their clients. We offer unlimited, uncapped telephone calls to a lawyer in your area as well as the specific practice area that you require. We take calls on all questions and concerns - big or small. If it takes an hour to feel comfortable then so be it; if it takes multiple calls to feel comfortable - c'est la vie.

We want individuals to feel comfortable in the choices and decisions that they have to make on a day to day. If a lawyer can help with that then why not have that option at your disposal?

For more information on our service check out our site or email us at

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