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We have seen a serious surge in calls over the last few months. The explanation is plain and simple - COVID. Covid has left a scar on nearly everyone in some capacity and forced people to pivot from what they are comfortable in and change gears.

A survey conducted by the Canadian Payroll Association in April of 2020 concluded that 47% of all working Canadians were already living paycheque to paycheque. At that point in time, there were still so many unknows about the virus. We had no way of knowing that nearly 1 year later, we as a society would still be dealing with and feeling the pain of this virus. Most of us know at least one person, if not ourselves, that have tested positive for Covid or has lost a job or been furloughed. Many individuals have had to deal with a death or figure out healthcare in a pandemic. Some have had to face the reality of losing their home as they are unable to come up with rent or mortgage payments.

Now all that being said, there were good things that happened as well. People were forced to think differently about how they could do business or generate an income moving forward. Many cool and new companies were born, people taking on the entrepreneurial mindset and putting to work ideas that they didn't previously have the time for.

All of these things - the good and the bad - could be made easier with the advice of a lawyer that knows what you need. Questions about employment? We can help with that. What are your rights if your landlord tries to evict you? We can help with that. Are you going to open a numbered company? Incorporate? What about contracts with suppliers or clients? Again - we can help with ALL of that! The good, the bad and the ugly - we can help with it all.

We are trying to make ourselves available to as many individuals and businesses as we can and by doing this, we are able to keep our costs low. We have modelled ourselves for the gig economy in order to keep our pricing affordable without slacking on service and availability.

We love what we do and are excited by the reviews that we receive from satisfied clients. We are a small business as well and so you bet when we sign deals or make sales, we are definitely doing a little happy dance:)

Until next time...

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