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My Friendly Lawyer

Have we not waited enough this past year?

2020 was a year that altered many things in all of our universes. We were no longer spending time with family and friends the way we were used to. Holiday dinners were turned into small gatherings, birthdays turned into drive through parades, sports became virtual, and our work lives (if you were fortunate enough to keep your job) moved home...along with the responsibility of also schooling our children. It felt as though our world was caving in and becoming so small. Sounds bleak I agree, however many people were able to pivot and start something new.

Throughout the previous year we have noticed that more and more individuals have been calling our legal line for answers to questions around business. Not so much employment - although those calls have also increased - but around starting their own business! What a great thing we thought. People are turning this time into something so positive.

We know from first hand experience, that there are a million different things that go through your head when trying to get started. Some of these are just ideas but other concerns could definitely benefit from the knowledge of a lawyer - especially one experienced in Corporate Law.

Depending on the type of business, there are usually contracts to sign or to get signed for starters. Our lawyers are happy to review simple contracts with you or help you to understand the contract as a whole. There could be questions around your website and privacy policies, terms and conditions. Are you able to work across the country or just within the province that you reside. When you start to dig in there are so many questions that will come up and lead off of each other.

If you are planning on hiring employees or contractors - where do you begin? What information do you need to collect and what are you responsible for? Where does your liability start and stop with contractors?

The list could just go on and on once you sit and start to think about it. You can call your lawyer and run through all of these questions with him/her but be prepared to pay for their time. Instead, call our number and speak with one of our lawyers for as long as you need to answer your questions and concerns. There will be no bill issued at the end of your time...and in fact you can call back and speak to the same lawyer again if you missed something in the first phone call. If it turns out that you will need to retain a lawyer for additional services not covered by your membership, you have the option to use one of our lawyers at a 25% discounted rate.

Listen I know that I am biased but seriously - Why would you not want to have this service at your disposal? The cost is less than one Starbucks coffee a month when you break it down. So to all my Entrepreneurs and Small Business people out there - Check us out and get on board. Stop waiting!! The first phone call alone will prove its value to you.

Until next time:)

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